“The Nineteen Steps Between Us” Book Launch

Not for Art nor Prayer, Reading and Discussion of (January 2016)

Pretty Owl Poetry Reading/Interview (March 2015)

“Temporary Champions” Ohio Book Launch (November 2014)

The Crowd (August 2014)

a few Temporary Champions poems (April 2014)

Emily As A Mango Hitting the Ground (October 2013)

Emily As Cold Tea (October 2013)

Black & White Pictures (September 2013)

Secret Animal (September 2013)

She Paints With No Frame (September 2013)

Emily As Innumerable Cigarettes (September 2013)

Emily As Unswerving Realism (September 2013)

We Are Arrows #71 & #72 (October 2013)

Emily As The Door (May 2013)

Emily As Madden Me Fair (March 2013)

Ohio(s) (October 2012)

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