Full-Length Poetry Collections

in defense of the goat as it continues to wander towards the certain doom of the cliff (forthcoming from April Gloaming, 2024)

So Much More (forthcoming from Harbor Editions, 2024)

blue and blue and blue (forthcoming from Fernwood, 2023)

neverwell (forthcoming from Harbor Editions, 2023)

the luxury (Glass Lyre, January 2023)

clawing at the grounded moon (forthcoming from April Gloaming, 2022)

a child walks in the dark (2021) – Harbor Editions

Burning It Down (December 2020) – 8th House Publishing

Unfinished Murder Ballads (October 2020) – Backlash Press

So Clearly Beautiful (November 2019) – Adelaide Books

Nude Male With Echo (October 2019) – 8th House Publishing

Emily As Sometimes the Forest Wants the Fire (June 2019) – Harpoon Books

Lady, You Shot Me (December 2018) – 8th House Publishing

Bombing the Thinker (September 2018) – Backlash Press

Two Towns Over  (March 2018) – Trio House Press

A Fire Without Light (2017) – Nixes Mate Books

Many Full Hands Applauding Inelegantly (2016) – 8th House Publishing

The Nineteen Steps Between Us (2016) – After the Pause Press

Not For Art Nor Prayer (2015) – 8th House Publishing

The Pony Governor (2015) – After the Pause Press

Temporary Champions (2014) – Main Street Rag

As We Refer To Our Bodies (2013) – 8th House Publishing


The Pie Poems – Ghost City Press

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