Full-Length Poetry Collections

the luxury (Glass Lyre, 2022/2023)

clawing at the grounded moon (forthcoming from April Gloaming, 2022)

a child walks in the dark (2021) – Harbor Editions

Burning It Down (December 2020) – 8th House Publishing

Unfinished Murder Ballads (October 2020) – Backlash Press

So Clearly Beautiful (November 2019) – Adelaide Books

Nude Male With Echo (October 2019) – 8th House Publishing

Emily As Sometimes the Forest Wants the Fire (June 2019) – Harpoon Books

Lady, You Shot Me (December 2018) – 8th House Publishing

Bombing the Thinker (September 2018) – Backlash Press

Two Towns Over  (March 2018) – Trio House Press

A Fire Without Light (2017) – Nixes Mate Books

Many Full Hands Applauding Inelegantly (2016) – 8th House Publishing

The Nineteen Steps Between Us (2016) – After the Pause Press

Not For Art Nor Prayer (2015) – 8th House Publishing

The Pony Governor (2015) – After the Pause Press

Temporary Champions (2014) – Main Street Rag

As We Refer To Our Bodies (2013) – 8th House Publishing


The Pie Poems – Ghost City Press

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