“clawing at the grounded moon #22”, “clawing at the grounded moon #23”, and “clawing at the grounded moon #24” have all been accepted for publication by Epigraph.

New Review of Lady, You Shot Me

Mad Swirl has just posted a very generous review of “Lady, You Shot Me”.

“You should read these poems. They are thoughtful and multi-sided. I can assure you that you will be left with different feelings about Sam Cooke. Sam Cooke was a human being with faults like you or me. When all of us are perfect, none of us will be human. Demaree’s poems bring to life the songs and story of Sam Cooke that will endure forever.”

You can read the whole review right here.


“Emily as She Draws Pictures of Ohio”, “Emily as I Can’t Deny That I am More Alive on the Outside of My Body”, and “Emily as the Giants Must Be Suffering” have all been accepted for publication by Lackadaisy Literary Magazine.