Monthly Archives: January 2016


“Emily As We Gather Outside the Home to Rest” has been accepted for publication by SubtleTea.


Otoliths is Up!

The new release from Otoliths, including my poem, “What the Gun Eats #15” has gone live.  You can find it right here.

New Review of Not for Art nor Prayer

Sophie Chouinard of Cahoodaloodaling has reviewed “Not for Art nor Prayer” in their new release.  You can find the review right here.

Not for Art nor Prayer reviewed on Cultural Weekly

John McCormick’s review of “Not for Art nor Prayer” was posted on Cultural Weekly today.  You can read it right here.


“Emily As For Anything, For Years, for Food, For Good” has been accepted for publication by Peregrine.

Cricket Online Review Is Out!

The new release from Cricket Online Review, including three of my “Emily As” poems, has been posted.  You can find them right here.


“What the Gun Eats #1” has been accepted for publication by Of/With.


“Emily As I Took Solace In the Idea of Russian Dolls”, “Emily As Cooled, We Begin Again”, and “Emily As A Lovely Mouth” have all been accepted for publication in Sentinel Literary Quarterly.

Welter Is Out!


The new release from Welter (Welter 2015), including my poem “The Gorgeous Sam Cooke”, has been published.


“What the Gun Eats #40” has been accepted for publication by Red Truck Review.