Monthly Archives: October 2014

Gravel Is Up!

The new release from Gravel, including three of my “Damaged Thinker” poems, has been released. You can find them all here.



“Emily As A Silk Willow” and “Unfinished Murder Ballad: The House Was Warm” were both accepted for publication by Construction.


“Unfinished Murder Ballad: It Cannot Be Reach and It Won’t Go Away” and “Unfinished Murder Ballad: You Cannot Be the Inspiration for the Statue and Keep the Birds From Shitting on the Metal of Your Likeness” have both been accepted for publication by Screaming Sheep.


“Unfinished Murder Ballad: The Ocean Never Needs A Cut” has been accepted for publication by The Rain, Party, & Disaster Society.


“Wednesday Morning #152” has been selected for publication by decomp.

Indiana Voice Is Up!

The new release from Indiana Voice, including three new poems of mine, has been posted. You can find them right here.

Interview up on Menacing Hedge!

Rhonda Lott interviewed me about my new collection, “Temporary Champions”, and it’s up on Menacing Hedge. You can find it right here.

Midway Journal is Out!

The new release from the Midway Journal, including my poem “Emily As Sometimes This Comes Close to an Attempt at Alchemy”, has been posted.


“Emily As Trees Remain Trees” and “Emily As Arbitrary Headwater” have both been accepted for publication by Sentinel Quarterly.


“Emily As Receding Into Silence”, “Emily As the Floor Wells”, and “Emily As Grief That Is The Universe” have all been accepted by Red Booth Review.