Monthly Archives: June 2014


“Unfinished Murder Ballad: The Stem is Exclamation” and “Unfinished Murder Ballad: Every Fist Through” have both been accepted for publication by Specter.


Brick Rhetoric is Up!

Issue 15 of Brick Rhetoric, including three of my “All the Birds Are Leaving” poems, has been released.  You can find it right here.

Blueline Is Out!

blueline_35_coverThe 35th Anniversary Issue of Blueline, complete with my poem “Adoration #115” has been published.  You can buy a copy of it right here.

Bacon Review Is Up!

“All the Birds Are Leaving #74” and “All the Birds Are Leaving #75” are up on the new release from The Bacon Review.  You can find them right here.

Homestead Review Is Up!

The new release from The Homestead Review, including three of my “We Are Arrows” poems, can be found right here.

“Temporary Champions” is now available for pre-order.

It’s getting exciting.  My second collection now has a face and a release date.  You can pre-order it right here.

The Writing Disorder is Up!

The new release from The Writing Disorder, including “Adoration #109-#111” has been published.  You can find them right here.


“Emily As An Entry Point” and “Emily As A Pin of Light” have both been accepted by IthacaLit.




“Unfinished Murder Ballad: The Girl Was A Raspberry” and “Unfinished Murder Ballad: One Whistle Cuts Through the Rain” have both been accepted by Mas Tequila.