Monthly Archives: September 2013

Mind(less) Muses is Up!

“Adoration #4” is up on Mind(less) Muses today.  You can find it right here.



“Adoration #4” has been accepted by Mind(less) Muses.


“Between Joy” has been accepted by The Write Place at the Write Time.

Squawk Back is Up!

I have two “Adoration” poems that just went live with the new release from Squawk Back.  You can find them here.

ken*again is Up!

Three of my “Violent Sound” poems went up with the new release from ken*again.  Here is the link.


“Adoration #172” and “Adoration #174” have both been accepted for publication by Squawk Back .

As We Refer to Our Bodies is Now For Sale!

My first collection, “As We Refer to Our Bodies”, published by 8th House Publishing is now available for sale.  You can buy a copy from Amazon right here.


“We Are Arrows #217”, “We Are Arrows #218”, “Emily As Gloom We Shed”, and “Emily As the Sanctuary Hurts the Blossom” have all been accepted by Cultural Weekly.


“Adoration #33” has been accepted by Right Hand Pointing.


“Emily As A Strict Record of Our Herb Garden”, “Emily As A Shape of Water”, and “Emily As Unfragile” have all been accepted for future publication in Main Street Rag.