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As We Refer To Our Bodies Cover Art

As We Refer To Our Bodies Cover Art

Ways to purchase it are coming soon.



The book launch for “As We Refer To Our Bodies” will be held in NYC at the Bowery Poetry Club on Sunday, September 29th at 2pm.  The event will also be shown on GanderTV.


“Emily As Another Chance for Cinnamon to Surround the Oak Tree”, “Emily As Seated Near Fire”, “Emily As Different Designs of a Chair Moving Towards A Table”, “Emily As A Watery Emphasis”, “Emily As A Good Jab”, and “Emily As Winter is Not Hollow” have all been accepted by Construction.  They should be published some time in January 2014.


“Adoration #28” and “Adoration #30” have been accepted by Northwind for their Fall 2013 release.


“We Are Arrows #184”, “We Are Arrows #185”, and “We Are Arrows #186” have all been accepted by NoD for their 16th issue.


“We Are Arrows #88”, “We Are Arrows #89”, and “We Are Arrows #90” have all been accepted for publication in a future issue of Another Chicago Magazine.

Petrichor Review is Up!

The new release from Petrichor Review, including my poem “Emily As Honeysuckle”, has gone live.  You can find the link here.

Of Sun and Sand Anthology is Out!

Of Sun and Sand Anthology, published by Kind of A Hurricane press has been released.  You can pick up a copy, including my poem “Without Thread, Here, We Are Connected to Everything”, right here.


“Emily As Written by Amanda Shires” has been accepted by Toasted Cheese for their September release.

Cricket Online Is Up!

The new release from Cricket Online has gone up.  This release has three “Emily As…” poems in it.  Here’s the link to it.