Monthly Archives: July 2013

Lingerpost is Up!

The new release from Lingerpost has gone live, complete with “A Brief Suspension of All History #4“.


Skidrow Penthouse is Out!

Skidrow Penthouse #15, their new release, has been published.  This issue contains my poem “With No Salt In Our Water #20”.  You can pick up a copy of it right here.


“Emily As A Break In Speaking Silence” and “Emily As Rain Falling Into A Lake” have been accepted for publication by Gutter Eloquence.

Penumbra Is Up!

The new release from Penumbra is up, including “Emily As Where We First Found Wet Stone“.

Gambling the Aisle is Out!

The print edition of Gambling the Aisle (Summer 2013) has been published.  Next to some pretty terrific art is “Emily As Not Fate, Not Lightning”, “Emily As An Event”, and “Emily As the Air Trembles With Our Voices”.  You can roust up a copy here.

The Conium Review Is Out!

Vol. 2, No. 2 of The Conium Review has been released, including “Poem for My Unborn Thomas #65”.  You can find a copy here.

Tipton Poetry Journal is Out!

Issue #25 of the Tipton Poetry Journal has been published, including “Firework Over the Retention Pond #13, #14, and #15”.  You can find a copy here.

The Binnacle Is Out

The new release of The Binnacle, out of the University of Maine at Machias, has been published.  Nestled inside is a poem I wrote for my friend Jeff, “A Violent Sound in Almost Every Place #158”.  You can buy a copy here.


“We Are Arrows #85”, “We Are Arrows #86”, and “We Are Arrows #87” have all been accepted for publication by BrickRhetoric.


“A Violent Sound In Almost Every Place #40” and “Emily As a Complete Thought on Old Weather” have both been accepted by East Jasmine Review.