Monthly Archives: December 2012


Pyrokinection has accepted “Emily As Sea Wind”, “Emily As A Spurn of the Root”, and “Emily As A Lake, A Lilac” for publication.  They should be up on the site together on March 30th.


Review Americana is Up!

The new issue of Review Americana has been released, including one of my Mancini/Kim poems “God-Hungry, Harsh, Magnificent“.

New Issue of DMQ Review Is Up!

The new issue of DMQ Review, complete with a new poem of mine, “Emily As A Clue, A Message”, is up.  Here’s the link.


“With No Salt In Our Water #44” has been chosen by Red Ochre Press to be included in their “Category 2: Installment One” print publication.  This volume is being sold to benefit the victims of Hurricane Sandy.  I will be sure to pass on how to purchase this one when it becomes available.


“Emily As Not Drunk, But By Love” has been accepted for publication by Permafrost Magazine.

New Issue of Tinge Is Up!

The new issue of Tinge, out of Temple University, is live now.  Here’s the link to my poem included in it “The Wheat Sank Ripe”.

Five Things

Some writing on writing up on Treehouse right now…

Here’s the link.

Treehouse Is Up!

A new poem of mine, “Firework Over The Retention Pond #72”, is up on Treehouse today.

Here’s the link.


My second collection, “Not For Art Nor Prayer” has been accepted for publication by 8th House Publishing House.  Those same fine people that accepted my first collection, due out early in 2013, will also be publishing my second a year after that.  I am thrilled to stay in the 8th House family with this book.  A special thank you to Ryan Hilborn at 8th House, one of the best editing partners I’ve met so far in my young career.  Also, thanks to Emery Moreira at 8th House for ultimately deciding that we might be headed somewhere grand together the next couple of years, and maybe a few years after that.




“Firework Over the Retention Pond #72” has been accepted by Treehouse for publication.  It should appear on the site this coming Monday.