Monthly Archives: October 2012


The Manilla Envelope has accepted “Valuable in Themselves”, “Pitying the Branch”, and “Erotic Poem” for inclusion in their next release.


Rubbertop Review Is Out!

The new issue of Rubbertop Review, out of the University of Akron, has been released.  Including an interview with Black Keys front man Dan Auerbach and a new poem of mine, “A Nesting”, the editors have put together a great collection of work.


“For My Student on the Question to Stay a Man” has been picked up by Wild Violet.

Verse Wisconsin Is Out!

The new issue of Verse Wisconsin has been released, and hidden amongst the many great works included in the issue is a new poem of mine, “More Juice”.


“Poem for My Unborn Thomas #22” has been accepted by Linden Avenue Literary Journal.


“Ecstatic in Blue #29” has been accepted by Rufous City Review.


“God-Hungry, Harsh, Magnificent” was picked up by Review Americana.

NoD Is Out!

The new issue of NoD, NoD 15, has been released by the University of Calgary.  Inside are two new poems of mine, “We Shot Arrows Into the Outside of the House” and “Hauling Stones”.

Tule Review is Out!

The new issue of the Tule Review, from the good people at the Sacramento Poetry Center, has been released.  I got my copy today, and it’s a really well put together issue.  If you can roust up a copy of it, one of my new poems, “To The Laboring Few” is included in it.

Yemassee is Out!

The new issue of Yemassee, including my poem “Emily As Sightless Radiance” has been released.  This journal, out of the University of South Carolina, can be ordered from their website.  Here is the link: