Tule Review, a journal put together by the Sacramento Poetry Center, has accepted “To The Laboring Few” for publication in their Fall 2012 issue.

The Writing Disorder has selected seven new poems of mine for publication in their Spring 2013 issue.  “With No Salt In Our Water #18”, “With No Salt In Our Water #19”, “With No Salt In Our Water #24”, “With No Salt In Our Water #57”, “Brick”, “For Gloria, On Her Birthday”, and “I Blame Our Open Arms” will all appear in that issue.

Issue #20 of Lungfull! is out, this one entitled “Trouble”.  Pretty much right in the middle of “Trouble” is two new poems from me, “Emily As A Biting and Sparse Revelation” and “Emily As Kinetic Imagination”.  Thanks again to the editors, they did a fabulous job of putting the issue together.

Issue #38 of Art:Mag is out and it contains “Emily As A Prong of Lightning”.  If you’re in Las Vegas, it should be easy to find a copy.  If you’re not in Las Vegas, send them a note, they’re good people.