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Poetry Salzburg Review has selected “Us, It Turns Out” and “Slat Nail” for publication in Issue 23, scheduled to come out Spring 2013.



The good people at Shaking have posted four new poems of mine.  

Here’s the link:

Crate vol. 8

The new issue of Crate, out of UC-Riverside, has been published.  Past an amazing cover, deep towards the end of the issue, is a poem of mine called “Emily As The Rim of a Rocks Glass”.  Roust up a copy of this mag, the design of it is pretty incredible, and the work is top-notch as well.


The Louisville Review has accepted “We Did Our Best to Breathe Into It” for publication.


Pyrokinection has selected “Poem For My Unborn Thomas #55” for publication.  Look for it on the website around July 23rd.

New Release from the Connecticut Review

The Spring 2012 release from the Connecticut Review is out!  In it is a poem from my Black & White Pictures series, Black & White Picture #173.  I got my copy in the mail today, and am wholly excited to read all 150 + pages of this thing.  Seriously, it is a lengthy collection from a lot of talented people.  Find a copy of it today, start reading.

New Issue of Toasted Cheese Literary Journal

Now up in the latest release from the fine people at Toasted Cheese is a new poem of mine called “Emily As A Tire’s Hot Squeal”.

Here’s the link:


“The Darkness Is Not Empty” was selected for publication by Hubbub.  

It is scheduled to appear in Volume 28, this summer.

New Issue of Spittoon

One of my new poems, “A Bird On Warm Brick” is up on the new issue of Spittoon.

Here’s the link:

Thanks to the people at Spittoon for putting together such a fine issue.  

Make sure you read my friend Farren Stanley’s piece in it as well.